Quality Assurance Department

The Department of Quality Control makes sure that all clinical, laboratory and administrative activity functions according to highest standards.

It also assures that equipment is functioning and is maintained and that laboratory consumables are available for the research work.

A quality system is defined as the organizational structure, responsibilities, processes, procedures and resources for implementing quality management plans and procedures. They provide a framework that guides our doctors, laboratory staff, students, nurses, field worker, data clerks as well as administrative, finance and IT personnel.

The Quality Assurance Department ensure that quality documents are developed, implemented, maintained and updated regularly. (SOPs, Quality Manual, Safety Manual, etc. ) In addition, it ensures that the personnel involved in clinical research and development are, and remain, properly qualified and trained for the job roles for which they have responsibility.

CERMEL is part of the African Society of Laboratory Medicine programme to prepare African laboratories for accreditation.

In addition, the department is responsible for technical services and maintenance of equipment as well as the logistics surrounding laboratory consumables. The logistics of assuring regular maintenance of equipment and that the the right type and amount laboratory consumables are available at any time point is especially challenging in a rural African setting.


Agnes Ingrid Yakaye Diop Quality Manager
Thierry Ganzi Sounda Quality Manager