News 2014

13 October

Expert seminar: current standards in diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis

From 13. to 17. October 2014 CERMEL hosted the DAAD tuberculosis expert seminar organized in collaboration with the Institute for Tropical Medicine, University of Tübingen, Germany

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03 October

Site visit by a delegation of the national assembly of Gabon

The delegation, headed by the president and vice-president of the National Assembly was given a tour of the tuberculosis lab and the main research laboratory.

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29 September

Site initiation visit for the upcoming HookVac trial

From 29. September to 3. October 2014 CERMEL received Dr. Nadine Pakker of the Amsterdam Institute of Global Health and Development (AIGHD)

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27 June

Site visit for the upcoming HookVac trial

From 27-29 June 2014 CERMEL received Dr. Remko van Leeuwen of the Amsterdam Institut of Global Health and Development (AIGHD)

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16 June

Laboratory Evaluation by the African Society for Laboratory Medicine

In the context of an EDCTP sponsored lab accreditation initiative of the African Society of Laboratory Medicine (ASLM), the project officer Dr Samba Diallo completed his initial site visit from 16 to 27 June 2014.

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19 May

Installation of Hain Rapid Diagnosis System for Tuberculosis

From 19 -23 May the Hain Line Probe Assay System was installed by a technician from Hain Kenya. Rapid diagnosis of tuberculosis and identification of resistant strains is now possible at CERMEL.

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24 March

Construction of A New Parasitology Laboratory Completed

The old parasitology building, which mainly performs diagnostics of geo-helminths and Schistosoma has become too small for its growing level of activity.

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28 February

Training course for Biomedical Literature search

CERMEL held a two day training course on biomedical literature search and reference management, which was organised by Regis Obiang and Bertrand Lell.

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