Parasitology Laboratory

The parasitology laboratory of CERMEL provides support to all studies, projects and patients at the institute with the diagnosis of faecal, urine and blood parasitic infections including, Schistosoma, Soil-transmitted Helminths, Microfilaria and malaria.

Diagnostic tests performed


  1. Parasite eggs and ova by faecal microscopy
  2. Parasite larvae through their enrichment in faecal culture
  3. Microfilaria by blood analysis
  4. Schistosoma haematobium eggs by urine analysis

Sub-microscopic (Polymerase chain reactions)

  1. Molecular diagnostic of parasitic infections

Other activities

  1. Research on the evaluation and improvement of existing and the development of novel diagnostic methods
  2. Serological diagnostic of parasitic infection
  3. Training of student and researchers in parasitology


Pr.Dr. Ayola Akim Adegnika
Email: aadegnika[at]


Ayola Akim Adegnika Supervisor
Gedeon Prince Manouana Biologist
Ange Gatien Doumba Ndalemnouly Biologist
Danny Carrel Manfoumbi Mabicka Superior Technician of Medical Biology
Terence Stravensky Boussougou Sambe Biologist
Jean Mernoz Ndong Essono Ondong Auxiliary Laboratory
Paul Alvyn Nguema Moure Biologist
Mirabeau Mbong Ngwese Biologist
Barclaye Ngossanga Biologist
Moustapha Nzamba Maloum Trainee
Roméo Aimé Laclong Lontchi Trainee