Clinical Laboratory

The clinical laboratory provides services for clinical and epidemiological research.

Hematology, clinical cemistry and malaria diagnostics are performed by a group of trained laboratory technicians. In addition, the lab performs study-specific tests which may include serological rapid tests, urine exams, pregnancy tests, analysis of blood gases and diagnosis of sickle cell anemia.

The laboratory is well equiped with several hematology and biochemistry analyzers and backup machines. These are validated and maintained on a regular basis. The laboratory participates in internal and external quality control audits for hematology, clinical chemistry and thick blood smears.


Jean Thierry Lachot Ndong Engueng Head of Clinical Lab
Emma Gladis Malinga Biologist
Brice Nzigou Mombo Biologist
Rodrigue Ndong Essogho Auxiliary of Laboratory
Stephane Ondo Ondo Auxiliary of Laboratory
Freddy Boussougou Boussougou Internship
Thiam Moussodji Abou Internship