Demographic and Health Survey System

The Health and Demographic SurveillanceSystem (HDSS, french: SUDESA) permits the longitudinal collection of health related information of the population. It provides data which can be used to perform clinical trials. Several countries belonging to the “Network for Demographic Evaluation of Populations and Their Health (INDEPTH)” have set up a HDSS. Gabon is the first Central African country to implement this system.

Using SUDESA, researchers can identify health problems within a community, implement research projects, and disseminate project results to health policy makers. In order to set up the Demographic and Health Survey System, the CERMEL team has mapped the Town of Lambaréné by means of aerial images from a drone. Open source software such as QGIS, JOSM, and PostGIS are being used to manage the data.

Picture: Map of buildings on the right bank of Lambaréné

In partnership with the Local Health Authority, we plan to update the census data once a year. To do this, the team uses Android tablets with applications such as OpenHDS, ODKCollect and Qfield.


Bertrand Lell Supervisor
Ance Mangaboula Marombo Statistician
Roseline Koumba Okongo Field Worker
Elodie Nongo Field Worker
Nelson Igor Dissele Field Worker
Genalda Glorieuse Malimabanze Nzayi Field Worker
Natacha Tsona Field Worker
Jean Roger Avera Field Worker
Linda Bidjongou Field Worker
Paule Valérie Mbadinga Field Worker