The microbiology research group is involved in various research projects.

The StaphNet project, financed by a grant of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft is characerising risk factors for Staphylococci in asymptomatic carriers and patients (www.african-german-staph.net) Other activities include epidemiology of other bacteria in the environment, such as in livestock, soil, water supply, and food. The group has a good publication record, with publications on Staphylococci carriage in indeginous population, hospital aquired infections, and sickle cell disease. The samples are processed in a specialised laboratory.


We work closely with national reference center for Staphylococci at Münster University, Germany.


Publications of the microbiology can be found here


Maradona Daouda Agbanrin Biologist
Christiane Sidonie Mapikou Gouleu Biologist
Sam O’neilla Oye Bingono Biologist