Infectious Disease Control

Group leader: Michael Ramharter

Infectious diseases are afflicting disproportionally high morbidity and mortality on communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Our working group is actively involved in basic and clinical research projects at the CERMEL (Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné, Gabon), the Institut für Tropenmedizin (University of Tübingen, Germany), and the Department of Medicine I, Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine (Medical University of Vienna, Austria). Clinically relevant aspects of infectious diseases in the tropics are the main focus of our work. The ultimate aim is to ameliorate the treatment and prevention of major infectious diseases in the tropics.

Infectious Diseases and Maternal and Child Health

Children are suffering disproportionately from malaria in tropical Africa and case management is arguably still among the most effective strategies to control malaria in large parts of sub-Saharan Africa. The work of our group focuses on the improvement of therapeutic options for the treatment of malaria. In a series of clinical phase II and III trials, new antimalarial drugs and drug combinations (including fosmidomycin, artesunate-clindamycin, artesunate-mefloquine, and artesunate pyronaridine) and novel treatment concepts including matched short half-life artemisinin-combination therapies have been investigated. Based on this work, the clinical development of paediatric drug formulations of ACTs suitable for the treatment of young children became a priority of our work.

Malaria in pregnancy is another main focus of our research. We contribute to immunological surveys assessing malaria in pregnancy and evaluated the effectiveness of a newly established national programme on intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy. Due to an increasing rate and level of drug resistance against SP we co-initiated a large multicentre clinical trial evaluating mefloquine as potential alternative drug for IPTp in sub-Saharan Africa.

Protozoa, Helminths and other Infectious Pathogens

Neglected Tropical Diseases disproportionately affect communities in sub-Saharan Africa and intestinal helminths, urogenital schistosomiasis and filarial infections play an important role in Gabon. Other infectious pathogens show a more global epidemiology but can still afflict considerable morbidity and mortality on Central African communities. Our work focusses on the investigation of the epidemiology, transmission characteristics and pathology of these infections in Central Africa. The ultimate goal of this work is to contribute to a better understanding of the pathophysiology of these infections and to develop potential intervention strategies.


Assoc. Prof. Michael Ramharter, MD, DTMH
Email: michael.ramharter[at]

Relevant Publications

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Medical University of Vienna
Interdisciplinary Outpatient Department for Echinococcosis
University of Tübingen


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Current and Previous Members of Infectious Disease Control Group

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Florian Kurth Investigator
Felix Lötsch Investigator
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Arti Basra Investigator
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Rella Zoleko Manego Investigator
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Tchassama Yerima Romain Medical Officer
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Mario Jäckle Medical Student
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Annette Schreier Medical Student
Katharina Schuster Medical Student
Sandrine Raissa Mengue Study Nurse
Anasthase Bopenga Study Nurse
Bertille Moumiakeloumi Study Nurse
Béatrice Moussounda Study Nurse
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Netta Lembe Study Nurse
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