Social Sciences

The social science research group has been recently created and is involved in several research projects.

The research group is headed Dr Selidji Maxime Agnandji. CERMEL is partner in the CADMIA network. Together with other African research centers, the group is also studying the impact of clinical trials on health care systems.

A group of population informants allows the two-way flow of information between the research center and the population. In addition this group helps identifying participants for focus groups and in-depth interviews if needed.


  • Agnandji ST, Tsassa V, Conzelmann C, Köhler C, Ehni HJ. Patterns of biomedical science production in a sub-Saharan research center. BMC Med Ethics. 2012 Mar 26;13:3. [Abstract] [Free Full Article]


Maxime Agnandji Selidji Head of Department
Pamela Angoissa Minsoko Project coordinator
Emmanuel Bache Bache Project Manager
Armel Vivien Ndong Mbouna Biologist
Paulin Essone Ndong Biologist
Fallowne Mbadinga Project coordinator