Tuberculosis Research

A tuberculosis research group and a laboratory specialised in tuberculosis was set up over the past years at CERMEL. This diversification of research activities reflects the growing importance of tuberculosis in the region.

Tuberculosis (TB) accounts for an estimated 1.4 million deaths each year and the worldwide number of new cases (8.7 million) is higher than at any other time in history (WHO 2012). About 60% of cases are in South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions. The African region has 24% of the world’s cases, but the highest rates of cases and deaths per capita, and TB incidence is still increasing in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, fuelled in part by the HIV-AIDS pandemic. In addition, the emergence of multi- and extensively drug resistant (MDR/XDR) TB provides a new challenge and further threatens control of TB.

In Gabon, despite concerted effort by Government through the National TB Control Programme, TB still remains a challenge for public health with 1100 deaths reported in 2010 and 30% of cases notified are due to relapse.


We are presently conducting a longitudinal study titled “Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Lambarene, Moyen-Ogooué Region of Gabon” to address the lack of systematic epidemiological data, and resistance levels and patterns of TB in our region. Results of this study could further influence development of more effective policies in TB control in our Region, Gabon, Africa, and the world at large.

Our research has shown that Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis is an increasing problem and that a high proportion of patients do not finish their treatment.


The lab research group is part of the CANTAM network Genotyping of the strains is performed at the National Reference Center (NRC) for Mycobacteria in Borstel, Germany.


Every year The research group receives Master students from the Ecole Doctorale Regional in Franceville. The group receives interns from the Regional Health Autortiy and the Albert Schweitzer and the Regional Hospital.


Publications of the tuberculosis research can be found here


Jabar Pacome Agbo Achimi Abdul Supervisor of the Laboratory
Micheska Epola Dibamba Ndanga Biologist
Rebecca Moussounda Nurse Assistant
Arnault Rogue Mfoumbi Ibinda Biologist
Chester Mevyann Biologist
Christopher Ingrid Mebiame Biyogho Biologist