Fundamental Research

CERMEL performs research in immunology and genetics of infectious diseases.

Based on the infrastructure of the research laboratory the fundamental research group performs various studies, often in association with epidemiolgocal studies. Headed by Dr. Marguerite Massinga Loembe, the group has. Immunologic studies, such as those providing a basis for the hygiene hypothesis of allergy pathogenesis were done at this laboratory. Recent activity includes that of immunoligy of protection of RTS,S vaccine.


The research group trains Master students of the Ecole Doctoral Regional of Franceville, Gabon, Tübingen University and other African and European Universities. Recent training workshops include the CANTAM Malaria ELISA workshop, held in July 2013.


The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is a major partner for immunological studies. Many of the genetic studies are in collaboration with the University of Tübingen


Publications of the fundamental research can be found here


Marguerite Massinga Loembe Senior Biologist
Eunice Betouke Ongwe Biologist/PhD student
Yoanne Darelle Mouwenda Biologist/PhD student
Anne Marie Nkoma Mouima Biologist
Odilon Paterne Nouatin Biologist (Internship/PhD student)
Rodrigue Bikangui Biologist
Georgelin Nguema Ondo Biologist
Yuri Ushijima Research Fellow
Haruka Abe Assistant Professor
Cherone Nancy Mbani Mpega Ntigui Biologist
Marien Juliet Magossou Mbadinga Biologist
Rafiou Adamou Trainee