Research Laboratory

The research laboratory comprises both molecular biology and immunological activities.

It is well equiped with several cytometers, EliSPOT, multiplex analyzer, RT-PCR thermocyclers and sterile workbenches at the disposal of the research group.

Samples are stored in a minus 150 freezers, several -80 freezers. The temperature is controlled by an IceSpy temperature logger and alarm system.


Rodrigue Bikangui Supervisor of the Laboratory
Eunice Betouke Ongwe Biologist/PhD student
Yoanne Darelle Mouwenda Biologist/PhD student
Anne Marie Nkoma Mouima Biologist
Georgelin Nguema Ondo Biologist
Marien Juliet Magossou Mbadinga Biologist
Ayong More Biologist
Rafiou Adamou Biologist
Charlène Mouloungou Mangui TSBM
Yoric Yali Assy Oyamli TSBM