Research Laboratory

The research laboratory comprises both molecular biology and immunological activities.

It is well equiped with several cytometers, EliSPOT, multiplex analyzer, RT-PCR thermocyclers and sterile workbenches at the disposal of the research group.

Samples are stored in a minus 150 freezers, several -80 freezers. The temperature is controlled by an IceSpy temperature logger and alarm system.


Marguerite Massinga Loembe Head of Laboratory
Eunice Betouke Ongwe Biologist/PhD student
Yoanne Darelle Mouwenda Biologist/PhD student
Rodrigue Bikangui Biologist
Anne Marie Nkoma Mouima Biologist
Odilon Paterne Nouatin Biologist (Internship/PhD student)
Georgelin Nguema Ondo Biologist
Haruka Abe Assistant Professor
Yuri Ushijima Research Fellow
Cherone Nancy Mbani Mpega Ntigui Biologist
Marien Juliet Magossou Mbadinga Biologist
Rafiou Adamou Trainee