Data Management & Statistics

The Data management and Statistics department provides data management and analysis services for research projects and clinical trials of CERMEL.

Data Management

Software used for data collection includes OpenClinica for clinical trials and RedCap is used for epidemiological studies. Recently, mobile data collection based on ODK software running on Android tablets and smartphones has been introduced. The department oversees the data entry activities performed by a group of data entry clerks.


Eliane Moussouami Field Worker
Noelle Erene Bouyebi Bouchoco Field Worker
Djamal Babatoude Adissa Field Worker
Leslie Carole Mboughe Biang Field Worker
Gisèle Prisca Baguegui Field Worker
Nelson Igor Dissele Field Worker
Anatole Ndongo Field Worker


The department provides data analysis services for research projects. The analysis is mostly done using the R statistical software environment The department provides also the trainings on statistics in medicine with R statistical software.

In partnership with the national and regional health authorities, the group is developing InfoSaniR, a tool to extract and analyse routine data collected from all health care centers of the region. It uses the Shiny package of R for management and analysis of data on a server accessed through a web-browser.


Fabrice Lotola Mougeni Statistician
Saidou Mahmoudou Statistician
Linda Bidjongou Field Worker