03 October 2014

Site visit by a delegation of the national assembly of Gabon

In the course of a visit to the Moyen-Ogooué province, a delegation of the national assembly visited CERMEL. The delegation, headed by the president and vice-president of the national assembly, Guy Nzouba Ndama and Richard Onouviet, included well-known politicians such as Paul Mba Abessole and Idriss Ngari

The delegation was given a tour of the tuberculosis and the research laboratory.

In a short speech, the president of the assembly emphasized the importance of research for the development of the country, and congratulated CERMEL for its efforts. He expressed hope that government funding for the center would be forthcoming in the near future.


The delegation visiting the main research laboratory


The members of National Assembly, the governor of Moyen-Ogooué, members of CERMEL, and the director of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital