01 May

The Authorities visit CERMEL for Labour Day

On the occasion of Labour Day, the officials of Moyen-Ogooué Province visited the CERMEL. In particular, among the guests were the Mayor of the 1st District and the 2nd Deputy Mayor of Lambaréné City. There were as well other officials, responsible for public administration, representing for example the Work Inspectorate, the Provincial Academy Director and the Provincial Director of Public Works.

Just before the visit, the usual celebrations were organized in the city, in particular the parade on the “Place de l’indépendance”, in which CERMEL staff participated. The arrival of officials in CERMEL has allowed us to demonstrate the work currently going on at the Center. Indeed, the Center is working on fighting against infectious tropical diseases such as Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Through involvement in different studies, projects which are sustained by national and international institutions, the CERMEL is improving preventive and curative treatments for people with these endemic diseases.