Research Physician

Date : 9. Sep. 2015

The Centre for Medical Research in Lambaréné, Gabon need a trained Doctors urgently for the job description below:

Brief description

The Physician research is working on a study project. He organizes, coordinates, supervises and controls all the activities related to that specific project in which he works.

Detailed Description

  1. Follow up of participants for the trial.
  2. Biological research
  3. Clinical research: clinical trials and epidemiologique
  4. Organizing, coordinating, supervising the activities on the field
  5. Writing the repport activities

Job requirements:

Good skills in writing, analysing, communicating and planning many activities.

Training profile:

Doctorate in Medicine

Special working conditions:

the exigence of this job is to work over time beyond legal regulations.

Special skills (know-how):

be strict, be serious, to take initiative, be patient and work under pressure.


read and spoken English required

Master in Clinical Trials

We are also looking for people with a Master in Clinical Trials with at least 2 years experience in the field of research.

Read and spoken English required.


AGNANDJI Sèlidji Todagbe : agnandjis[AT]

Nina Estelle MATIDJI : mai11betho07[AT]

MINKOUE Régine : negire2109[AT]