Post-doctoral vacancy position

We are looking for a postdoctoral medical entomologist to join our team. The Fellow will be working in our BSL-2 and BSL-3 Lab, fully equipped areas for parasitology, entomology and microscopy. This is a full-time position; and the successful candidate is expected to have a meticulous attention to detail and display a keen interest on working on the control of vector borne diseases that are harmful to humans.

Job description

  • Provision of leadership skills and mentorship to a young team of graduate students and contribute to their scientific training
  • Maintenance and establishment of laboratory colonies of mosquitoes
  • Field collection of mosquitoes, morphological and molecular identification of mosquitoes
  • Experimental transmission of malaria parasites
  • Characterization of insecticide susceptibility of disease vectors and identification of resistance genes
  • Establishment of new techniques needed in current and future research projects
  • Record, analyse and interprete data
  • Write research papers, reports, and grants application
  • Ensure regular review of SOPs and writing of new ones (as required).


The candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have experience in experimental transmission of malaria parasites (e.g. artificial membrane feeding systems),
  • Must have experience in raising, maintaining, and establishing Anopheles colonies,
  • Must have experience in genetic techniques for molecular classification of Anopheles spp. and characterisation of insecticide resistance genes,
  • Must have experience in molecular methods applied to the field of entomology (e.g. cloning and sequencing of key mosquito genes).

To be furnished

  • A curriculum vitae (CV),Epidemiology
  • A cover letter,
  • Copy of the last diploma
  • ID

Send to the following address: espace-emploi[at] from june 04 to june 14, 2020.