International Partners

CERMEL hosts researchers from VG-CARE and has trained physicians to conduct clinical trials. Several Vietnamese physicians and researchers have performed parts of their theses in Lambaréné. The group of Dr. Velavan has been a partner with CERMEL and has been an active partner on malaria research and have established a close relationship between two institutions.

The collaboration started in 1996, and since then numerous successful joint projects have been carried out. UKT and CERMEL continued to be strong partners in several grants by EU, EDCTP and BMBF.The Institut of Tropical Medicine of the University of Tübingen is the main partner of CERMEL. Prof. Peter Kremsner, director of the Institute, is also president of the Association CERMEL. Most group leaders at UKT perform research at CERMEL on a variety of subjects, including malaria, tuberculosis and helminth research. Several Gabonese researchers have obtained their PhD at the UKT. Likewise, a large number of students from Tübingen have performed parts of their theses in Lambaréné.

International Fondation of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné

CERMEL is part of the International Fondation of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné. Although administratively distinct from the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, there are very close ties established over the years. The partnership is essential for both patient care and research.

The group of Prof. Maria Yazdanbakhsh at LUMC has been a partner with CERMEL since over 20 years. The collaboration has proved especially fruitful and essential parts of the Hygiene hypothesis of allergie pathogenesis are based on studies performed in Lambaréné by CERMEL and LUMC researchers. In addition, LUMC has trained several Gabonese researchers and continues to host Gabonese PhD students.

Martin Grobusch has been an active partner of CERMEL since his first research project in 1996. Holding a chair at the Medical University Amsterdam, he has established a close relationship between the two institutions, focusing on tuberculosis and malaria research.

Since then, numerous research projets have been untertaken jointly. The institutional and regional Ethics Committees have been trained by head of the Ethics Committee of Vienna. The Department of Infectious Diseases of the Medical University of Vienna is one of the founding partners of the research laboratory in Lambaréné. The activites are lead by Prof. Michael Ramharter, who has headed several research projects focusing on malaria in pregnancy and new interventions against malaria.

The CERMEL is a partner of the Austrian Service Abroad (Österreichischer Auslandsdienst), a non-profit initiative providing placements for an alternative Austrian national service. The CERMEL hosts one young Austrian who supports the institution in a wide range of tasks, including administration, lab work, translation, field work in the framework of studies and many more.